Ready-to-Move Homes

Ready-to-Move Homes

Looking to get a new house for your lot? We just might have the solution for you.

Our Ready-to-Move (RTM) Homes are built right within our own secured construction yard according to your specifications. Let us handle the construction work and we will deliver the home right to you! We have several base models from which to choose, and our team will walk you through the details, step by step, to get you the home of your dreams.

Want to get started?

A simply way is to browse the models below and select one that you might want as your base-model. Then just call (+1) 204-744-2421 or send an e-mail to to get thing started.  You can also come and stop by our Pembina Co-op, St. Leon Home Centre & Food Store location and speak with any of our staff.  From there, we can take care of everything: the planning, the construction, the move and installation, the furnishings & decor. Let us make you feel like you're at home, here.