Pembina Co-op Donations to Fort McMurray

June 16, 2016
Pembina Co-op Donations to Fort McMurray

With the recent events in Fort McMurray, the Pembina Co-op Board of Directors approved a plan last month to match donations made to the Canadian Red Cross by its members---either collected directly at the till or by presenting a copy of a previous donation receipt---to a maximum amount of $2500.  We're pleased to announce that Pembina Co-op members have surpassed it by nearly 20%, with the total donation amount reaching $5,457.

Pembina Co-op presented a cheque of $1,657 for donations collected directly from the till, plus a cheque of $2500 to match the nearly three thousand dollars that was donated by members in total.

Thank you to all who have shared in this time of need.  Our hearts are with you all who have been affected by this disaster.

If you would like to know more, the Canadian Red Cross has published the Alberta Fires: One Month Donor Update which provides an overview of how our donations get to those in need.