Co-op Scholarship Program

March 28, 2016
Co-op Scholarship Program

The Board of Directors of Pembina Co-op has reviewed the Co-op’s scholarship program and has made several changes. Instead of offering scholarships of lesser amounts for multiple schools, the Co-op will award one $1,000 scholarship. The criteria for the scholarship will be as follows:

  • The scholarship is open to all students whose parents have a membership in Pembina Co-op;
  • The scholarship is available to all Grade 12 students who plan to enter into a journeyman program for the carpentry, electrical or plumbing trades;
  • The scholarship will be paid upon completion of the first term from a recognized post-secondary college or technical institution;
  • All interested applicants will submit an application to the Co-op’s selection committee by April 30. The details of the application are included below;
  • The scholarship will be presented during the graduation ceremonies as set by the High School.

The application will include:

  • A brief description of your academic and employment history.
  • An essay with a 750-word maximum that addresses each of the following:
    • How did you arrive at the decision to pursue continuing your education in the trades:
    • Who or what was the greatest influence on arriving at your decision?
    • What are your long term goals regarding your chosen path in continuing your education in the trades fields?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • What would you consider that rural businesses in general, and Pembina Co-op in particular, have to offer to today’s youth?
    • What would you suggest are ways rural businesses in general, and Pembina Co-op in particular, can attract and retain young employees in today’s job market?

Interested students submit their applications by April 30th, 2016 to:

Pembina Co-op,
Attn: General Manager,
PO Box 5007,
St. Leon, MB.,
R0G 2E0

Please include your parent’s Co-op membership number on their application.