Oakbank Home Centre: Commitment to Excellece Award

November 1, 2018
Oakbank Home Centre: Commitment to Excellece Award

The Oakbank Building Centre team was recognized at the FCL annual fall buymart in Saskatoon as the Manitoba winners of the Co-op Home Centre Commitment to Excellence award.  Under Brad and Laura’s guidance, the building centre team has worked hard at improving their product merchandising, store operations and guest service levels to achieve this award.  While the award is welcome recognition, the real reward has been the turn-around in operations as sales growth is exceeding expectations. Management has begun working on a feasibility to determine if the Co-op should expand the store area to meet the increased product demands.Pembina Co-op Oakbank Home Centre Team (Oct 2018)

During the Buymart breakfast on Sunday October 21st, formal recognition was given to the Home Centre Commitment to Excellence winners. This program recognizes Home Centre excellence on Financials, Operations, Guest Service, Community Involvement, and Merchandising.

“It takes a dedicated, consumer focused Home Centre team, to meet the needs of our diverse consumers and contractors we serve on a daily basis. We are proud of this year’s winning teams, and their efforts to become leaders within their communities”. --Cody Smith – Home and Building Solutions Department Director 

Text from Dale Pouteau and FCL.  Photo from Pembina Co-op.