Swan Lake Bulk Plant Project Nearing Completion

October 17, 2018
Swan Lake Bulk Plant Project Nearing Completion

The FCL corporate bulk plant was completed in March and was fully operational for the spring planting season.  The new bulk plant has double the capacity of the previous plant which should eliminate the potential of running out of fuel during the during the peak harvest demand. The fuel trucks are loaded at ground level through high capacity pumps that load a truck in about ten minutes while providing a much safer operation for our drivers.  The old bulk plant is being decommissioned and the bulk petroleum office will be moved back to the site.  We hope to have this completed prior to the arrival of winter.

The cardlock needs to be re-plumbed to enable fuel access off of the corporate bulk plant, and this was expected to be completed in October.  After exploring several options, management decided to proceed with replacing all of the underground piping from the bulk plant to the pumps.  This option increases the life expectancy of the cardlock to 20 years.  If weather permits, Pembina Co-op will also complete additional site work around the cardlock to eliminate problems with frost boils in the spring.