Pembina Co-op 2019 Journeyman Scholarship

April 11, 2019
Pembina Co-op 2019 Journeyman Scholarship

The Board of Directors of Pembina Consumers Co-op (2000) Ltd. (Pembina Co-op) is offering a $1,000.00 Scholarship in this academic year with the terms and conditions as follows.

Eligibility for the Scholarship

The student must be graduating in this academic year with a Manitoba High School Diploma.  The student must have a parent or legal guardian holding membership with Pembina Co-op. The student must be planning to enter a journeyman program in either the carpentry, electrical or plumbing trades.

Target Schools:

  • Baldur School (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Baldur, MB.
  • Boissevain School (Turtle Mountain S.D.), Boissevain, MB.
  • Carman Collegiate (Prairie Rose S.D.), Carman, MB.
  • Glenboro School (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Glenboro, MB.
  • Miami Collegiate (Prairie Rose S.D.), Miami, MB.
  • Nellie McClung Collegiate (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Manitou, MB.
  • École régionale Notre-Dame (DSFM), Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, MB.
  • Pilot Mound Collegiate Institute (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Pilot Mound, MB.
  • Prairie Mountain High School (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Somerset, MB.
  • Souris School (Southwest Horizon S.D.), Souris, MB.,
  • Springfield Collegiate Institute (Sunrise S.D.), Oakbank, MB.
  • Complexe scolaire St. Claude School Complex (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Saint-Claude, MB.
  • École communautaire Gilbert-Rosset (DSFM), Saint-Claude, MB.
  • Treherne Collegiate (Prairie Spirit S.D.), Treherne, MB.

Award of the Scholarship

The scholarship will be paid upon completing of the first term from a recognized postsecondary college or technical institution.  The recipient will be chosen by the Selection Committee from eligible entries based on the quality of their application as per the criteria expressed below.  The Scholarship award will be presented during the graduation ceremonies as set by the winning recipient's school.

Application and selection criteria for the Scholarship

An application for the Scholarship must include two documents authored by the applicant him or herself: the first being brief description of his/her academic and employment history (i.e., a c.v.); the second being a personal essay of a maximum of 750 words that addresses each of the following:

  • How did you arrive at the decision to pursue continuing your education in the trades?  

  • Who or what was the greatest influence on arriving at your decision?

  • What are your long term goals regarding your chosen path in continuing your education in the trade fields?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • What would you consider that rural businesses in general and Pembina Co-op in particular have to offer to today’s youth?

  • What would you suggest are ways rural businesses in general and Pembina Co-op in particular can attract and retain young employees in today’s job market?

The completed application must be received BY JUNE 3rd, 2019 to the attention of the General Manager, by post-mail at ‘Pembina Co-op Scholarship Application’, Box 5007, St. Leon, Manitoba, R0G 2E0, dropped off in person at the Administration Building at 61 Main Street of Saint-Leon, Manitoba or by e-mail to with ‘Pembina Co-op Scholarship Application’ in the subject line.  Important: The parent or legal guardian’s Pembina Co-op Membership Number should also be included with the application.


Dale Pouteau,
General Manager, Pembina Consumers Co-op (2000) Ltd.