CO-OP WEEK: October 15-21

October 15, 2017
CO-OP WEEK: October 15-21

Pembina Co-op LogoThrough the Co-op model, whereby local members own and control the business, Co-op’s have a vested interest in the community. Co-ops continue to play a vital role in the success of rural communities throughout Western Canada. Business decisions are based on maintaining viable operations that provide required services to the local owners of the Co-op. As communities evolve, Co-ops need to continually adapt to the needs of the marketplace to remain relevant and generate a savings to ensure its long-term presence in the community. While Co-ops will provide a service longer than most businesses, it cannot guarantee any service indefinitely. Although difficult to make, board and management are expected to make decisions on the services offered within each community to protect the long-term viability of the Co-op. Savings, also known as profits, are either reinvested into the Co-op’s facilities to improve the services offered to its members, invested in community projects through donations, or returned directly to the members in the form of patronage allocations and cash repayments.

Locally Invested

Pembina Co-op continues to focus on creating value by providing personalized service to its members. The Co-op’s retail facilities are updated on a regular basis to maintain a pleasant shopping experience. New facilities are built when the local market is able to support the business for the long term. Over the past year, Pembina Co-op has invested in the following capital assets to improve its services:

  • Construction of a new building centre at Souris
  • Construction of a fertilizer shed at Manitou
  • Construction of a soybean seed treating plant at Notre Dame
  • Lumber storage systems at Souris and St. Leon

Community Minded

Pembina Co-op creates an economic impact in each community through offering employment, paying municipal and education taxes on its facilities, and donations to community events and capital projects. Pembina Co-op has 165 employees with an annual payroll of over $7 million. Extensive training is offered to enable employees to progress in their career and eventually assume management positions within the Co-op. Annual donations and sponsorships exceed $65,000 with a high percentage supporting local initiatives.

Lifetime Membership Benefits

Through the strong support of its members and prudent financial management, Pembina Co-op has been able to continually generate savings
for its members. Members received a patronage allocation of $4.0 million on purchases made in 2016. During Co-op Week, Co-op members will receive a general cash repayment of $2.3 million. When combined with bylaw requests and withholding tax submitted on member’s behalf, total cash repayments exceed $3.5 million in 2017.