Robert Smith Honoured at Man. Cooperative Awards

October 31, 2016
Robert Smith Honoured at Man. Cooperative Awards

Robert (Bob) Smith was born in Sudbury in 1942 and shortly after moved to Carroll in 1946.

He farmed until 1988, drove school bus for over 40 years, was a driver's education instructor for 20 years.

Volunteer activities include being a 4-H member and leader for over 20 years and serving on the local rink and hall boards in his community.  Bob was appointed as a delegate to both the United Grain Growers AGM in 1986 and the Manitoba Hog Marketing Board and in 2012 was appointed to the Lake Manitoba Flood Appeals Commission.  He was a member of the Manitoba Hog Stabilization Board, served 32 years on the Souris and Glenwood Ag Society as well as on the Marquis Project board, the St. Leon / Pembina Co-op board for 29 years and the Crop Insurance Appeal board for 11 years.

On August 2, Bob and his lovely wife, Myrna, celebrated their 50th anniversary.  They have three children and five grandchildren.

The Cooperative Merit Award recognizes and honours Manitobans who have made significant contributions to the development and success of a cooperative though service in volunteer, elected or employed positions within a single cooperative or credit union.  The contributions of this individual to their co-op have enabled their co-op to grow and thrive.  Current, former and retired employees, members, elected officials, volunteers and others who have supported the cooperative or credit union are eligible for nomination.  The nominee must have lived in Manitoba.

[Text taken from the 2016 Manitoba Cooperative Awards Program]