Construction Progressing on Corporate Bulk Plant

October 13, 2017
Construction Progressing on Corporate Bulk Plant

The construction crew is completing the plumbing portion of the project and will be handing it over to the electrical crew to complete the final stages. The plant is scheduled to be completed by mid-winter and will be operational for the upcoming spring season.

The cardlock will continue to utilize the tanks from the existing bulk plant until next spring when the facility is upgraded to access fuel off of the corporate bulk plant. Once that is completed, we will begin to decommission the old bulk plant. The bulk petroleum office will be moved back to the site once the tanks and equipment have been removed. We hope to have that portion of the project completed before the arrival of winter.

The storage capacity of the new bulk plant will be 2.7 million litres, which is double the existing storage. Truck loading will be three times faster with improved driver safety as product is loaded from ground level rather than on an overhead loading rack. The new loading system will also reduce product losses due to evaporation. The bulk plant incorporates the latest design to reduce potential environmental contamination due to leaks or spills