UPDATED: Federal Fuel Charge effective April 1st

March 21, 2019
UPDATED: Federal Fuel Charge effective April 1st

To our valued member customers,

In preparation for the FEDERAL FUEL CHARGE (FFC), effective on April 1st in Manitoba, Co-op members can take a proactive approach with their farm fuel accounts by ensuring they complete the attached form that will be required to receive FFC exempt petroleum products. 

The attached exemption form is also available from the federal government at: 

In order to receive the Exemption all farm fuel customers must have this form completed and returned to your Local Co-op fuel team by March 31, 2019

The form may also be dropped off at any Pembina Co-op location or emailed to fuelreports@pembinacoop.ca or by fax to (204) 744-2743. Failure to do so will result in FFC charged to all sales of farm fuel with no ability to refund this charge. 

Please note that according to the GREENHOUSE GAS POLLUTION PRICING ACT, only dyed fuel delivered to a farm can be exempt. Fuel dispensed through all Cardlock systems will be taxable (including dyed and farm product). The Cooperative Retailing System (CRS) continues to lobby the federal government to recognize the role the Cardlock systems play for our farm customers. 

[UPDATE: March 21, 2019: The paragraph above is no longer applicable as the exemption now applies to dyed fuel in general, be it delivered to a farm or dispensed from a cardlock facility.  If you have already submitted your form, you don't need to re-submit it.]

If you have any questions, please call our fuel office at 204-836-2473. 

Your Pembina Consumer's Co-op Fuel Team