New Community Support Policy

April 3, 2018
New Community Support Policy

The Board of Directors of Pembina Consumers Co-op (2000) Ltd. has recently approved an update to our Community Support Policy.  Under this new policy, we have changed how we collect and process requests for support and how we distribute support to our local community organizations or events.

The Board approves an annual budget to provide support to community groups, charities and community projects.  A program has also been developed to recognize and support Pembina Co-op employees for their volunteer efforts.

To simplify the process, please use this form to submit a request:


Note: If you use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you can use the 'Fill & Sign' function of the software to fill in the form electronically.  Older or other versions of the software might call it the 'Typewriter' function. 

The following information is required when submitting a request.  You can use the form above to provide the key information and provide attachments (where applicable):

  • The name of your organization
    • Note: it may be good to include some basic information about your organization, including it mandate or purpose.
  • Your name and your role with the organization
  • Your contact information including your day-time phone number(s) and your e-mail address
  • The mailing address of the organization (if we are to mail a cheque)
  • The name of the event, project or campaign
    • Note: If your campaign, project or event has a web page, please provide a link with your request.
  • The location or venue of the event
  • The date of this event, project or campaign
    • Note: If this is an event, please provide the starting/opening date.  If it is a project or campaign, please provide the closing date.
  • The general purpose of this event. 
    • Note: you may also include how this event benefits the community at large.
  • Your suggested amount and form of support (e.g. monetary, merchandise, gift card(s), etc.)
    • Alternatively, if your function provides levels of support (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.), be sure to attach it to your request.
  • The suggested method in which you wish to receive this support (e.g. mail to organisation, pick-up from <branch>, deliver to <address>, etc.)
  • The suggested due date for receiving the support (this is important for us to get a turnaround time frame)
  • The potential form(s) of recognition (e.g. advertising, tax receipt, etc.)

We recognize the growing needs of our communities but do ask for your understanding that we may not be able to support every group or worthwhile cause.  

Here are some common questions you may have (FAQs):

Q: Do I need to include this form with my request? — A: A form has been developed to make it easier for groups to submit an application for support.  If you prefer to draft a letter, please be sure to include the requested information to speed up the process.

Q: Why are you asking for type of organisation or type of event? — A: Because we want to ensure that we are supporting our communities in the widest possible breadth, we want to ensure a mixture of types of events and organizations and, therefore, collect this classification information for our records and report.

Q: How long does it usually take to process a request? — A: We are working hard to have a short turnaround for processing these requests, but we do ask to allow up to 4 weeks for the review and decision of a request.  Please note that incomplete requests (by letter or form) may delay the processing, so we thank you for ensuring all of the information is present.

Q: Can I still just go to my local Pembina Co-op branch? — A: Of course! Be it big or small, your local Pembina Co-op branch would be happy to help you with your request.

Q: Do you support personal functions like wedding socials? — A: While we recognize that people are at the heart of a community, Pembina Co-op strives to support functions that are for the public at large and, therefore, private functions are not eligible for support.

A copy of the form is also made available for download here: