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March 13, 2017 Youth for Leadership Camp - Manitoba Co-ops Assoc.
The 32nd annual Co-op Youth Leadership Camp from Manitoba Co-operatives Assoc.: May 4-7 2017. Sponsorship available for up to 3 youth.
February 27, 2017 Pembina Co-op Journeyman Scholarship 2017
A $1000 scholarship for a graduating high-school student thinking of entering a journeyman program in plumbing, electrical or carpentry.
October 31, 2016 Robert Smith Honoured at Man. Cooperative Awards
Robert (Bob) Smith, Pembina Co-op Board Member, was given the Cooperative Merit Award at the 2016 Manitoba Cooperative Awards Banquet.
October 11, 2016 Co-op Pays Out $2.8 Million During Co-op Week
Pembina Co-op recorded another strong year in 2015 with sales growing to $129.2 million while achieving a net savings of $7.91 million.
September 28, 2016 Yield More Financing(tm) Now Available
Soctiabank's Yield More Financing(tm) is now available at Pembina Co-op. Call or come in for more details.
August 15, 2016 Call for Tenders: Catering for Christmas Party
The Pembina Co-op Staff Club is calling for tenders for catering services for the Christmas Party in November 2016 at St. Leon Rec. Centre.
June 29, 2016 In Case of Canada Post Service Strike: Contingency
In the event of a suspension of services from Canada Post, Pembina Co-op will have its statements available at the nearest branch.
June 16, 2016 Pembina Co-op Donations to Fort McMurray
The members of Pembina Co-op donated over five thousand dollars to the Canadian Red Cross for those affected by the Alberta Wild Fires.
May 25, 2016 Donation to South Central Cancer Resource (Man.)
#CoopCares: Pembina Co-op donates to the South Central Cancer Resource of Manitoba (Morden)
May 12, 2016 Summary of the 2016 Pembina Co-op AGM
NEWS RELEASE: Read here a summary of the 2016 Pembina Consumers Co-op (2000) Ltd. Annual General Meeting, held May 11, 2016 in St. Leon
May 12, 2016 2016 AGM: General Manager's Report
Read the Pembina Co-op General Manager's Report, presented at the 2016 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday May 11th, 2016.
May 12, 2016 2016 AGM: Board of Director's Report
Read the full report from the Pembina Co-op Board of Directors presented at the 2016 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
May 12, 2016 Donation to Central Plains Cancer Care Services
#CoopCares: Pembina Co-op donates to the Central Plains Cancer Care Services (CPCCS) organization of Manitoba.
May 5, 2016 Share Your Favourite Community Space to Win!
Share your favourite local space with Co-op Community Spaces for a chance to win! Enter by 31 May 2016
2016 Pembina Co-op AGM: WED 11 MAY 2016 7:30P at St. Leon Recreational Centre, St. Leon, MB.
March 28, 2016 Co-op Scholarship Program
Grade 12 Students entering a journeyman program (carpentry, electrical, plumbing) can apply for a $1000 scholarship from Pembina Co-op
January 15, 2016 Co-op Community Spaces Applications Now Open!
The 2016 Community Spaces Program is now accepting applications!
October 14, 2015 Donation: Tiger Hills Health Centre Medical Clinic
The Pembina Co-op Board approved a $5300 donation over three years towards the new Medical Clinic at the Tiger Hills Health Centre
October 13, 2015 Souris: New Building Centre Planned
A new building centre is planned for Souris, MB, for Summer 2016. Read more...
October 9, 2015 Co-op Week: $2.9M Pay-out to Our Members
Pembina Co-op pays $2.9 million during Co-op Week
October 8, 2015 2015 CBCF CIBC Run for the Cure & Pembina Co-op
Pembina Co-op was there for the 2015 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure in Winnipeg
October 8, 2015 Donation: Carman Elementary Playground Projet
The Pembina Co-op Board approves a $1000 donation to the Carman Elementary Playground Project
October 8, 2015 Co-ops Begin Purchasing Fertilizer Through FCL
Co-ops, including Pembina, will begin purchasing fertilizer though Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), including Tony Hoess
October 7, 2015 Helping the Holland Child Care Centre
The Pembina Co-op Board approved a $500 donation to the Holland Child Care Centre for updates to their play space.
September 22, 2015 $25,000 Donation: La Rivière & Cmnty. Rec. Ctr.
Co-op donation supports La Rivière & Community Recreational Centre (La Rivière, MB) thanks to Co-op Community Spaces
August 10, 2015 ALERT: Scam asking for pre-paid credit cards
Beware, there is an known telemarketing scam going around involving a so-called Canada Revenue agent asking for pre-paid credit cards.
July 15, 2015 New Agronomy Division Manager
Pembina Co-op would like to welcome Mr. Derek Van De Kerckhove as the new Agronomy Division Manager
July 14, 2015 Closure of Altamont Keylock Facility
Effective AUGUST 14, 2015, the Altamont Keylock petroleum facility will permanently close.
May 7, 2015 Manager's Report from the 2015 AGM
Follow the link to read the General Manger's Report presented at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, held May 6th, 2015.
May 7, 2015 Board of Directors Report for 2015 AGM
Follow the link to read the Board of Directors Report from the Pembina Co-op 2015 Annual General Meeting of May 6th, 2015
May 7, 2015 Pembina Co-op 2015 Annual General Meeting: Summary
NEWS RELEASE: Pembina Co-op held its AGM on May 6th at St. Leon. Click to read a summary of the meeting highlights.
April 24, 2015 Board Approves 2014 Patronage Allocations
The Pembina Co-op Board reviewed and approved the audit report on 2014 operations. More information within.
April 23, 2015 For Sale: 2000 Western Star Tank Truck
For sale by tender: 2000 Western Star complete with 3700 gallon Advance Tank. Call Bulk Petroleum Office for details.
April 9, 2015 Notice of Annual Meeting: May 6th, 2015
Pembina Consumers Co-op (2000) Ltd.'s Annual General Meeting: Wed. May 6th, 2015 at St. Leon Recreational Centre at 7:30 p.m., St Leon, MB.
March 24, 2015 Andrew Dunn Walk/Run Fundraiser
Pembina Co-op is pround to help sponsor the 9th Annual Andrew Dunn Walk/Run held this May 9th in both Oakbank & Souris, MB. Read more ...
March 23, 2015 Pembina Co-op Scholarship
The Board of Directors of Pembina Co-op is offering a $1,000 scholarship for qualified High School students. Please read more for details.
October 23, 2014 Pembina Co-op helps the Rip It Up project in Souris, MB.
The Pembina Co-op Souris Home Centre is a proud Bronze-level sponsor of the Rip It Up North End Skate Park Project for the Souris community.
October 23, 2014 New Cardlock in Cypress River
Pembina Co-op has just updated its pumps in Cypress River to a new Cardlock fuel pump system.
October 14, 2014 Co-op Week: Meet your local Co-op!
Come and meet your local Co-op over coffee and doughnuts or cookies to celebrate Co-op Week!
October 14, 2014 Pembina Co-op & Social Media
Pembina Co-op is now accessible via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Get to know more about your local co-op on Facebook!
October 14, 2014 Co-op Teams with Farmers Edge
Pembina Co-op has joined forces with Farmers Edge to promote precision agronomy services to its members in Southern Manitoba.
October 14, 2014 Co-op Scholarship Winner: Miquel Talbot
The Board congratulates Miquel Talbot on being selected as the recipient of the Co-op Scholarship
October 14, 2014 Co-op Week: Pembina Co-op Pays out $3 Million
With another strong year in the record books, Pembina Co-op is paying out $2.99 million to it's members during Co-op Week.
October 10, 2014 Co-op Week: Pembina Co-op
As part of Co-op Week, Pembina Consumers Co-op is paying out over 3 million dollars to its members.
September 30, 2014 Team Pembina Co-op at "Run for the Cure"
A team of employees, families and friends of Pembina Co-op will be running at CIBC's Run for the Cure event this Sunday, 5 Oct 2014.
September 5, 2014 Pembina Co-op has a brand-new website
With a move forward, the website of is now better-looking and better-equipped to serve you.
August 16, 2014 Pembina Co-op receives Construction Safety Certification
Pembina Co-op is granted the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) standard from the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.