Vision & Mission Statement

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Vision & Mission Statement

"Vision" is a long-term view, describing how the organization aspires to be in the world in which it operates.  Pembina Co-op's vision is a future-oriented statement set by the Board of Directors that is designed to guide the organization for the next ten years.  Our vision statement for Pembina Co-op is:

"To be a Leader through Innovation and Superior Customer Service"

The mission statement is a succinct description of the fundamental purpose of an organization, describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision.  Pembina Co-op has had the following mission statement since it was formed in 2001:

"The Mission of Pembina Co-op is to improve the economic position of our member-owners by providing goods and services within a democratic structure which enables members to share a sense of belonging to, and participating in, a financially sound, socially, and environmentally responsible organization of their own."

While the statement accurately reflects our Co-op's purpose, the Board felt that the wording was cumbersome for our members and employees to relate to.  We have updated our mission statement to:

"To Benefit Members by Progressively Growing Business and Community though Co-operative Principles."

The Co-op will continually work towards achieving its vision and mission through its corporate values.  The Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) has identified the corporate values for the Co-operative Federation as:

Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility.